Ruined Remains: A World Tour Of Abandoned Places Courtesy Of Adventurous Urban Explorers


Urban exploration is a well-liked and stimulating hobby that people of all ages around the world enjoy. There is something exciting about going to places formerly full of life, sometimes with a steady stream of hundreds of visitors, which stand empty today, deserted through time as they crumble. These are people who rarely venture into such places for fear, but we should be grateful to them for taking pictures. A few brave people take an adventure where most others don’t dare; and come back with stories of what really happens when buildings are left alone by their owners.

So let’s get started; grab your flashlight and get ready to explore some of the most amazing forgotten places shared on urban explorers’ Twitter page. Just remember, if you decide to visit any of these sites you must be very careful. And don’t forget your camera!

Abandoned Tunnel in France

Nature always takes over where humans have left off Nature has a way of reclaiming abandoned human areas. This website provides a glimpse into the fate of frequently used infrastructure when it becomes vacant after use. Here is one French disused railway tunnel slowly reverting back to nature’s ways. Nature always finds its way in the end.

The tunnel seems almost like a natural cave that one might stumble across in the woods. We can’t help but wonder what sort of creatures may have lived in it. It simply amazes us how nature is able to survive in so many different places.

An Abandoned Fishing Village, China

There should be some amazing photographs showing the brute force and indomitable spirit of mother earth we think. Apart from one house, the whole area seems to be covered by thick green growth. There’s something really magical about this scene.

It is quite cool for us though because you can still see the angles and shapes of manmade structures that were once houses for fishermen. That type of contrast between man made and natural things is great.

Dark hedges, Ireland

A scary road with creepy trees growing together into some kind of tunnel; imagine your car breaking down here on a dark night! This photo has atmosphere; it looks like this place itself does.

There were so many tales of witchcraft and banshees in Ireland, and just by looking at places like this one can understand why. The image seems to have been taken through slight mist enhancing the creepiness.

Forgotten Treehouse, Redmond, Washington

Surely, the inventor of the tree house had a gala time working on it. It is far more impressive than any other tree house we’ve ever come across, and all we can do is imagine how fantastic it was up here. Look at that turret!

Constructing this thing must have required significant resources particularly time and money as well as engineering skills. It’s sad really that now it lies in ruins. However, for an Urbexer it’s a real dream.

Victorian-Style Greenhouse, England

If this were not rebuilt again today, one could have told how elaborate its greenhouses used to look from this photograph. This structure would have cost much considering the ironwork details in front and the huge amount of glass used.

Persuasively, or alternatively as you think about it, this building seems to have deteriorated alarmingly. It is comic that the greenhouse still has plants in it. Generally, this is the kind of place where one would love going when looking for a haunted house.

SS City of Adelaide, Wrecked off the Coast of Magnetic Island

The SS City of Adelaide was first launched from Scotland in 1863 and had a long and distinguished career in the Australian passenger and cargo service. In 1912 she was gutted by a severe fire. Finally, in 1916 she ran aground off Magnetic Island.

These are remains of once revered ship that can still be seen till today. Despite having been taken over by Mother Nature – her hull especially which is now decaying away under seawater – one can still access her last resting place.

Decaying Train on a Bridge

This picture is a two-for-one kind of shot. It’s obvious that the bridge isn’t being used anymore while old railways are always interesting sites to visit. We not only have the bridge but also an old train on top of it.

There are more trains that have been decommissioned and left unattended than we would like to think. We don’t know just how secure it is to explore here. Yet, these are the kind of scenes that make one take extra care with them. However, this scene has some great components for a stunning picture.

Abandoned Gothic Church, Portugal

The gothic-style church in Portugal obviously has seen better days. However, this photo manages to capture some of the grandeur that may once have adorned its façade. The spire alone is fantastic.

Throughout history, churches have frequently been constructed as status symbols for prosperity. This particular one was built in classical gothic style and meant to impress as can clearly be seen from the design itself. Its abandonment and disuse makes it haunting.

Abandoned Casino, Romania

This is an extremely atmospheric shot of a deserted casino in Romania that evokes nostalgic feelings about time gone by. Undoubtedly, this building must have been incredibly glitzy and glamorous place. And money too!

It has a very cold look to it; everything seems in different shades of rough grey. Yet, it is somehow still easy to imagine this casino being full of light and life. This just shows that the fun times don’t last forever.

Hotel del Salto in Columbia. Once Abandoned, Now a Museum

This old atmospheric mansion had fallen into disrepair and was a treasure trove for explorers until 2013 when it was converted into a museum. The situation on the edge of the cliff only increases its attraction, especially in a foggy morning.

We bet this would’ve been an interesting place to visit during its time of abandonment and emptiness. Even now, having undergone redevelopment, we believe that it would still make quite a decent spot to come over here to see. It’s repurposing abandoned places done well.

A Library in an Old Victorian Mansion

In our opinion, this is what Urban Explorers dream about. This dilapidated library happens to be situated in an old grand— albeit dropped down—Victorian house which still retains most of its collection of books. These old homes commonly had libraries as part of them.

The room is dusty, meaning it hasn’t been in use for quite a while. We can only imagine the decadence and affluent lives that once occupied this fine old house. I bet there are some really interesting books in there.

Abandoned Castle in France

This is an excellent example of a deserted building. This moated fortress with its turrets and roof-top terraces still speaks of decayed grandeur and it’s so sad to witness this now that it has gone to seed. Just think what it was like to live there when it was at its peak.

The size of the castle would make it an amazing place to explore. Who knows what kind of treasures and secrets lie within the walls of this almost ruined building? When can we go?! It’s a truly stunning ruin.

Abandoned Mansion, Ireland

We cannot imagine that this old country house had been left unoccupied and allowed to fall apart by years, because initially nothing could have been so closely surrounded by trees like this one. This striking picture is nice since we can see details in it.

On the roof and through the windows, there is foliage and trees that have grown up. This building’s situation could not be more apparent than this. We cannot tell how much it was built for but refurbishing it would probably cost as much.

Abandoned Villa in Italy

This is a beautiful ceiling to behold in one of the abandoned villas in Italy. Clearly, this derelict room belonged to someone who had a lot of money. Such villas were made to flaunt a person’s wealth conspicuously.

The other thing that leaves us breathless are the dressers. Although we can’t see all of it, it used to be very stunning and extravagant definitely. Again, these wall mounted candle holders are unique too! We want to explore here so bad!

Abandoned Theater

Another magnificent old place eaten by time and neglect is shown here. The faded seats plus curtain still hints on the bright luxurious furnishing of this place while its ceiling is still amazing too

Top tier perspective means that we can’t tell in what condition the stage itself is, structurally however this place is probably unsound but what an adventure it would be to explore such an old building!

Autopsy Room of an Old Hospital

Not for everyone! However many bodies have been undressed and pierced through the slab is a question hopefully answered.

We are not certain how comfortable we would be exploring in this place and it would definitely be somewhere to treat with a lot of respect. It gives one an interesting insight into a room that only few have seen.

Abandoned Cruise Ship

This old wreckage has started rusting and falling apart; that makes the water even more blue. The blend of two things juxtaposed adds to the picturization of this and some time I would surely love to visit preferably from above as shown by that Urbexer.

This ship is old and the angle of this ship looks like it is quite steep but one can imagine how amazing it would have been to explore. Just don’t forget to be careful and keep your balance while you wander through, or else you will eventually become part of the Poseidon Adventure.

150-Year-Old Corner Piano

When we go exploring ancient places, we expect to see decaying forefathers of modern tools. What a surprise for an Urbexer who came across an odd corner piano! They were mostly made by joining two different pianos at a right angle.

We are not sure whether it can still be played, but as a conversation starter, we think that should do just fine. Therefore, considering its rarity, most people who find it would be tempted to try it out.

Bethlehem Steelworks, New York

We get strong steampunk vibes from this old factory. The construction of New York City owes much to Bethlehem Steel. However, technology keeps changing as witnessed in many cases leaving behind the older pieces that are now in the sands of time.

This is a place that would be really interesting to look at. For example, this seems to be the kind of place where safety is taken as paramount concern. Urbexing has always been one activity filled with danger and so you must always take good care of your environment.

Traffic Jam in a Belgian Forest

I mean no one likes a traffic jam but this is crazy! From what I can see, this line of old abandoned cars appears to stretch off into infinity. Not sure about what has gone on here, if you know what I mean, but it’s a very cool shot though.

These ruins are gradually being reclaimed by nature. Cars are among the most mass-produced items in the world, but eventually even the best cared-for cars end up on scrap heaps. Hopefully some parts had been saved before the trees came over.

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