20+ People Who Totally Believe That Fall Is Superior To Summer


Got cold? Then these tweets are for you if you can relate to Elsa from Frozen. Everyone is opened up around the world this summer and that may make it a big deal. It has been longed for by everybody. But summers were not always received with such anticipation, in fact, some people used to wish that the summer would just come to an end. They crave cooler weather, red leaves, gusty wind. Many people dress up as though autumn is already here and decorate their houses with Halloween items weeks before time forcing themselves to wish away for the summer to be over soon. Are you a lover of summer or an autumn child? As we approach the “-ber” months, look down and see if any of these individuals sound familiar.

Just want to be cozy

Everyone agrees that fall fashion is better than summer fashion; who wants to wear booty shorts and a tank top in order to keep cool? Instead of wearing booty shorts and tank tops during fall, how about we slip into knit sweaters with jeans put on good boots then finish it off with a cute beanie hat like @seasonalvibes said all we want is just being snugly.

There’s nothing like eating a hot soup on a cold day. Or drinking coffee inside when it rains outside. Or just jumping over a heap of leaves and hearing the satisfying sound they make under your feet.

Finding the balance

When summer is still on and you want to enjoy this season, but at the same time cannot wait for Halloween? Well, what choice do I have but to put on witch clothes and take my place on the beach chair by the shore?

You might look insane; who would be covered up completely like that in such heat? This would give you one terrible farmer’s tan. But thank God for the witch hat which can act like sunglasses so you don’t have to wear them.

Move on

Sometimes, certain years do seem as if summer lingers on for slightly longer than its intended duration. At a point people are done with the heat and want to just relax in fall temperatures. Some others also simply desire enjoying Halloween.

For many people, autumn is the season they associate with Halloween and their most loved. And waiting for the summer weather to pass can be so annoying. It doesn’t seem right if it’s still hot and humid on Halloween.

So ready for the cold

Fall fashion may involve wearing a nice coat, boots or even putting on a nice hat or beanie for some people. You would see more of long-sleeved shirts and layering. For @infinityonhi’s dad, fall fashion means unzipping the extensions of his zip-off shorts.

We have seen these types of pants before. They are functional and affordable but surely one of the ugliest pair of pants we have ever seen! Guess that’s how you know autumn has arrived in this household.

Pumpkin spice

Everyone knows what cold seasons bring along – Starbucks’ special holiday drinks. October sees Starbucks bringing back its famous pumpkin spice latte. This comes before their Christmas holiday drinks like the peppermint mocha and toffee nut latte obviously.

People are looking forward to the return of pumpkin spice latte even as they enjoy their summer. An occasion when British YouTuber Dan Howell can stop being hot and sticky in the dark is during pumpkin spice latte season.

This might spark some drama

All around the world, there’s a big war on when Christmas should start. It’s right after Thanksgiving for those who celebrate Thanksgiving. For those that don’t then November is time to put up Christmas trees and decorate.

The other end of Christmas is also a point of contention among people. A week after New Year’s Day is what some prefer as a time to take down the tree. However, some keep it up until well past Valentine’s Day. Who here has it right? This tweet will cause some drama for sure.

Goblin boy fall

It was all about hot girl summer for everyone else. To me it seems like hot-girl summer means every summer; season for bikini bodies and Le croix at beaches. But what happens when temperatures fall and sunsets come a bit earlier?

Why, we welcome goblin boy fall. Yes, that is something new by @SketchesbyBoze to do trending. How is it done? Read the tweet again! It’s more medieval and mythical mash up than Halloweenish spooky.

Fall starter pack

In typical internet fashion someone has come up with a “fall starter pack” which helps people transition into fall. If you don’t own any of these items in your home yet, then maybe you are not ready for fall.

As pumpkin spiced lattes, boots and cozy outfits have been discussed previously they are essential for autumn. But there are other things such as pumpkins, a neutral to dark eyeshadow palette, autumn scented candles and dark nail polish that also belong to this season.

The transitional limbo

Everyone knows that as summer bleeds into fall, the weather can seem a little wishy-washy. When leaving the house in the morning it may feel slightly colder but by midday summer reminds us that it’s still hot outside.

No better way to put this than Twitter user by the name @makylaedwardss. The transition between summer and fall can be very annoying. The best way to go fashion-wise is by wearing a cardigan, hoodie or sweatshirt over a t-shirt this way when it gets too hot you can simply remove them.

Soup season

You know what? We have never heard of Autumn being called “soup season” before but actually, we dig it. This season has room for more than one iconic food item. Soup definitely goes hand in hand with pumpkin spice here.

We had no idea that there were so many types of soup until she listed them all out on her twitter account! It makes me wish this weather would cool down a little so I could enjoy my soup properly.

Bring on autumn

From this tweet we can infer that pop queen Ariana Grande is also an autumn child. There’s no such thing as summer ending too quickly not when you get to wear turtlenecks and start carving pumpkins!

This is what the autumn lovers are doing in preparation for the cold season—Sigourney Weaver style, on a couch with a pumpkin. Speaking of, does this entail she is also an autumn enthusiast? More to the club!

Thanks, I hate it here

We have never come across such a harsh tweet against summer before. We are not certain we can make an argument for this hot period after having read this rant. In this one, we are afraid we shall have to concur—summer has nothing good about it.

Skin sticking to chairs hadn’t even crossed our minds! Maybe that’s actually the worst thing about summer. It’s almost enough to make us want to stay indoors while we wait for summer to depart. Let us know when it becomes safe to put on jeans again.

Barn aesthetics

When fall seems like a much better weather than summer, here’s an amazing set of pictures from @Amanda_Nicole_E that does just that (the pictures). Barns simply look awesome in winter times as well.

It is not really typically as whimsical during the summer. However, there’s something enchanting about the cold, and the color of leaves and grass that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. You become closer to nature in autumn.

Fall body ready

Another thing about summer is the pressure to be “beach body ready.” People would attribute it to rigorous workouts and diets just for one to get that perfect body—whatever it may look like. This is not right at all.

This twitter user nails this whole argument. She does not even bother herself on getting a beach body but acknowledges that leggings and flannel suits her best. Don’t let anyone tell you what you should or should be looking like!

And what about it?

Alright, so I know its 85 degrees out (that’s like 30 degrees Celsius). That doesn’t mean they can’t dress for fall if they want to. Just let them be. They’ll pay for being too hot themselves.

To some extent, everyone is like this feline when September comes. Even if the weather hasn’t caught up yet. By default, it means that September is autumn month—the end of summer. And that calls for fall fashion.

Autumn fashion supremacy

What did we tell you? This isn’t the first tweeter to say that autumn fashion is better than summer wear. There’s something about leather blazers and boots that just makes you feel so fashionable. Oh, and did we mention cozy and warm yet?

And yes, the warm drinks are also a big plus. But it feels wrong having hot coffee in the summer even if it is for breakfast. The cold weather really provides a good time to enjoy warm drinks, soup with warmth in them or even clothes with warmth.

It’s never too early

Just like some people believe it’s never too early to put up the Christmas decorations or play Christmas music, others believe it’s never too early for pumpkin spice. A cold pumpkin spice latte, why not? There are no rules.

You know that if you don’t want that type of pessimistic attitude around you, then you only have one thing to do. Give this person a negative look and hurry away from the scene. You are entitled to live the way you please.

The beauty of oversized sweaters

These tweets will remind us that it is better to put on many clothes and wear knitted garments when it is sunny than exposing oneself too much with skimpy outfits for sweating. On Twitter, @EndOfDaysWoman makes a point about big sweater.

She seems to be right on that one though. Baggy sweaters look good on every figure. Then pair them with well-fitting jeans and nice boots and you will take your room by storm. And yes, it does keep one warm just as if there was a blanket wrapped around a person.

The real holiday season

Do you know those people who would put up their Christmas trees at the beginning of November because they were so excited? Well, guess what some Halloween enthusiasts secretly do in September?

Oh, @hannibalphobia. Getting too excited for Halloween is not strange. Others argue that this is when the real holiday season starts. It’s fine. You can start carving pumpkins and lighting autumn-scented candles in September. Do whatever you want and live your best life.

Halloween music

There are people who have a playlist for everything including the spooky season. Go check out @sc00byboo’s playlist for Halloween. The scary, mystic and magical-themed one goes well with the occasion. And no we are not shaming them for listening to this in August.

It’s just so fun to get ready for the scary season, nothing wrong with that! It’s like listening to Christmas music in November which isn’t a bad thing either right? But only after Thanksgiving of course; no? Ok we’ll stop now before the argument begins over again.

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