Tom Cruise Deemed Unrecognizable in New Pics With Prince William, as Some Say He Had “Too Much Surgery”


At a London charity event on Wednesday night, Mr. Tom Cruise was a VIP guest who accompanied Prince William. There were many celebrities present at the event and the whole night was glamorous because of their presence; however, Tom Cruise’s sixty-one year old face was the cynosure.

While posing for photos with the Prince of Wales, the star of the movie was seen with longer hair. Immediately after, media shared photos from the event on social media and that’s when everyone started commenting about how ’’unrecognizable’’ Cruise now looks.

There were many fans who praised the star and defended him. ‘’He still appears more attractive than most men of his age, 80%. Another posted: ’’ After 40 years do we look any different? I do not.’’

Many people think that the actor is growing old with grace, but some have claimed that he has had surgeries or fillers to explain his current look. For instance, one person argued, “Too much surgery, fillers, Botox, hair transplant, etc…not a good look”. Yet another individual opined,” Another star with far too many fillers.”
We think that Mission Impossible actor looked stunningly handsome and like the elegant movie star he’s always been. This is also true of Zac Efron whose recent looks have gone viral because they are so different from how people know him.

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