The One With The Easter Eggs: 40+ Hidden Details From The Hit Sitcom Friends


Monica’s closet

We all know that Monica has a closet down the hall from the bathroom. It’s always closed, and it never really served a purpose save for one episode, where the friends wonder what lies behind that door. But did you ever notice the shadow?

The door always seems to cast a weird shadow on the floor. We guess that since this was a set on a soundstage, the shadow was probably cast by lighting equipment set up right behind that door. But who knows? Maybe Monica was indeed hiding Richard there all along.

The prominent ‘Jouets’ poster

If you have seen Friends as many times as we have, you know what we’re talking about. There’s no way you can picture Monica and Rachel’s apartment in your head without seeing this poster. While most people know it’s French, only a few know what it was for.

Well, the truth is that it was an ad poster for a popular toy. A rocking horse, to be precise. That said, we think it fit perfectly with the aesthetic of the girls’ living room, and we can’t picture it without the poster. It hid a camera often used to film scenes from that angle.

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