The Intriguing Reason Why Cristiano Ronaldo Paints His Toenails Black


Cristiano Ronaldo, a soccer champion, recently made headlines for his peculiar choice: painting his toenails with nail polish. Yet this is not about keeping up with the current fashion trends. We dug into Ronaldo’s enigmatic reasons for this act and the findings are astounding.

Men have been wearing nail polish for longer than you may think.

There is proof that Babylon, one of the oldest civilizations, used nail polish. In anticipation of war, men in this country applied powdered minerals on their nails. The colors they chose would indicate their rank and class and also serve as a way to intimidate their enemies.
Similarly, according to the social class of ancient Egyptian men darker shades were used for nail polish by them with lighter ones for the lower classes. Tomb paintings of some kind exhibit men receiving manicures from their servants. Nail varnish was a cosmetic element which signified power and dignity.

Presently, nail polish has become a means of expression for many famous people especially men who may use it to signify their artistry, whilst others may apply it as a symbol of gender expression or diversity. The act of donning nail polish is one way through which an individual can express themselves while communicating their affiliations and beliefs.

Ronaldo’s black toenails are more than a personal preference or fashion statement.

Cristiano Ronaldo is known for his very impressive body and unshakable commitment to well being, which he keeps in shape by following a rigid diet and exercise routine. It was pointed out in that picture of a strange blackness around someone’s toes online; this was about him. In 2010, there was the first time it happened while on holiday but ever since then it has been something quite common with him as an athlete. He constantly exhibits his properly maintained toe nails and his fans often raise questions concerning this.

Numerous elite sportspersons, as is the case with MMA fighters, smear their toenails with black paint to avoid the chance that they might split or crack during rigorous physical activity. Additionally, if you coat your toes it can hinder fungi and bacteria from reaching your tootsies. This is because he plays soccer for a living and is required to wear close shoes most of the time both on and off the pitch which means his feet are more prone to infections than other people.
Consequently, some may find this behavior strange or peculiar in Ronaldo; however, it only proves how professional he is towards his career. The football player by birth was poor but at some point became a billionaire who never forgets those less privileged.

The fact that Ronaldo’s toenails were painted black was not the only thing that drew attention on his social media photos. On one Instagram story post shared by him there was something about him getting worried for which a few people took note of. Click here to read more about it in detail.

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