Kristen Stewart Causes a Stir as She Goes Out Wearing Underwear


Kristen Stewart’s latest fashion statement turned heads in New York. Wearing underwear made of knitting that showcased her beautiful figure, the actress was both admired and provoked curiosity at the same time. Her bold outfit inspired a lot of online remarks.

As the actress who is 33 years old, she wore a cream shirt which exposed her bra and she combined it with knitted underwear and a dark red pair of stilettos. In addition, she had on dark glasses as well as a black Chanel handbag.

One person said, “She looks stunning. Love her audacity and newfound style.” In addition, many fans showered the star with love and positive comments. Finally, another fan stated that she could do no wrong as everything about her is brilliant.

Other commentators, however, were quick to observe that pants were missing. One person said, “Someone forgot their pants.” “This is definitely not a good look,” another remarked. Similarly, a different commentator noted, “I don’t understand the recent makeover; the styling doesn’t seem to suit her at all”. A third one wrote, ‘’This inappropriate dressing needs to stop. Celebrities can parade around in their homes, but not out in public.’’
Kristen Stewart is not alone when it comes to taking risks in fashion. Many other celebrities are daring enough with their dressings which would rock any attire like Dakota Johnson who had a totally naked clothes during an occasion this picture will give you details on all of them.

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