Keanu Reeves Cuts His Long Hair and People Are In Love With the New Look


A lot of people got shocked when Keanu Reeves appeared in an Oscar Party with a new haircut that was different from his long hair look he normally wears. This sudden change from long to short hairs by the movie star resulted into many reactions from everyone.

Keanu Reeves, on the other hand, is usually associated with short hair because his movies such as The Matrix and Speed were successful. However, for most of his life the 59-year-old has been wearing long hair. It was time for a change for the actor or he had to cut his hair short in preparation of an upcoming movie role but one thing is known that he said goodbye to John Wick.
It was through a picture posted on Instagram by Rob Lowe’s spouse Sheryl Berkoff that people realized Keanu changed his outlook. One photo captioned «Old friends», shows Keanu and his girlfriend Alexandra Grant standing next to Rob Lowe, his son John and Sheryl herself.

In the comments section, people couldn’t resist expressing their thoughts on Keanu’s look. Although there was unanimity among all saying that they liked his new hairstyle. “He looks great with short hair,” said one user while another remarked that it may have just made him appear younger. “Keanu looks 35” was how they put it.
It is good to see such a show of love and respect from people towards Keanu Reeves, but he has not always had this type of life. He had a difficult childhood and some extremely disheartening experiences such as the death of his child and girlfriend. To understand how these hard times have molded him into who he is now, let us closely examine his tale.

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