Harrison Ford and Calista Open Up About One Small Secret That Helped Them Stay Together for 22 Years


One couple in a world of celebrity relationships that come with the constant burden of scrutiny and speculation has defied the odds to keep their love alive and thriving for more than twenty years. Flockhart, 59, and Ford, 81, have remained infatuated with each other since they wedded in 2010 after dating for eight years. But what is it exactly?

It’s not about romantic moments.

This is not just about those romantic dinners or big gestures. It’s about something simpler yet profound like pulling pranks on each other.
Calista Flockhart, in their cozy house, effective gets the title “monster of fear”. She is known for her love for practical jokes and every given opportunity that comes her way. And even when she knows it won’t be funny to her husband Harrison Ford, who startles so easily, she still does it for this reason only. She loves seeing Ford surprised and this often leads both him and herself into fits of laughter.

Their home became a playground.

In a frank conversation with the New York Times, Flockhart confesses that in her house she is known as “Scare Monster” because she jumps out from behind every corner. “Then Harrison would just come in and I’d go ‘raaah!’ And he’d go ‘W-uy-aah!’ and then I would just roll over laughing.”
Their home has become a place for their pranks that can range from putting plastic spiders into ice cube trays or hiding rubber scorpions under the sheets. Indeed, it’s more than laughter to them but rather a bond they have through those light moments which are proof of how close they are to each other.

They have a balance between independence and interdependence.

Underneath the jokes and merriment, however, a deep sense of empathy for each other’s needs and wants. Flockhart had already become a mother before she met Ford. And she was happy to be a stay at home mom to her son Liam, who is now 22 years old. This satisfaction with home-making made their love affair thrive without the burdens of competing ambitions.
Reflecting on how they work as a couple, she said,”We’re very separate in some ways but probably like co-dependent on each other in others.” This fine line between self-dependence and mutual reliance has been the bedrock of their long lasting love.

They are both introverts.

Their introvertedness is also a very big part of their relationship. As they love being at home, they have fun through all these small activities that they do together indoors. It is in these silent hours that their ties grow stronger and their affection for each other is reaffirmed.
Ford had his second child with Flockhart and she saw him change into a loving father. Ford accepted the responsibility of being a dad with new seriousness, despite his past experiences; Flockhart was amazed by this transformation and loved him more for it.

“We’ve had to hustle. We’ve been on the top and bottom of things just like everybody else – more tops than downs, which is good — we just stick together. I always want to dial Harrison’s number whenever something goes wrong. That instinctive act of calling Harrison.”
In a world where many relationships crumble in public view, Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford have withstood the test of time as an example of love that lasts. Their relationship indicates that humor, empathy, and a little bit of mischief will maintain passion for years on end.

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