Dislikable Airline Passengers That We Hope To Never Sit Next To On Our Next Flight


A casual walk

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk on the wing of a plane? Have you ever found yourself staring out the window thinking, “It’d be nice to be out there?” Well, this lady felt the need to take a casual stroll on the wing.

Apparently, the plane was delayed right before taking off, and this lady just decided to go for a walk… on the wings! We weren’t aware this was a possibility, and we don’t know why nobody else jumped at the chance!

Literal personal bubble

If you’re paranoid about traveling during these harsh times but still need or want to fly somewhere, maybe it’s time to invest in one of these. We’re not sure what this is called, but we know that it can possibly reduce the risk of contagion.

We’re not sure why this photo made it to the Passenger Shaming page. This person is just trying to travel safely. Sure, this method is a little unconventional and a little less aesthetically pleasing, but it’s still very safe.

Bed time for baby

Children can get restless on flights and have trouble sleeping. But rest is important for them, especially on long flights. Some parents let their kids sleep on their laps, and others use the empty seat next to them as a bed.

This person lets the child sleep on the floor, which is a less than smart thing to do to your child. It’s unsafe, and the child doesn’t have a seatbelt on and will definitely be in the way of the cabin crew. 

Drying out a shoe

The only thing worse than someone drying out their sweaty socks on the overhead vents is someone drying out their stinky shoes on the overhead vents. Again, we have to ask, why do people think it’s okay to do this?

First of all, what happened to your shoe that you had to air it out there? Second of all, even if it was just a stink problem, you taking off your shoes is already stinking up the cabin. You don’t have to air it out for everyone!

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