Dislikable Airline Passengers That We Hope To Never Sit Next To On Our Next Flight


Kicked out

Airlines impose strict rules and protocols, especially when it comes to takeoff and landing. The cabin crew and the ground crew have worked so hard to ensure the safety and security of all passengers, so the least we can do is follow instructions.

What is so difficult about turning your phone off for 15 minutes as the plane takes off? What was so important that this man had to disobey orders and put other passengers at risk? Clearly, the flight attendant was not having any of it. She dropped the mic at the end there.

Golden standard

Traveling is less stressful when you’re with someone. It can also be a test of your relationship with that person. The stresses of traveling can take a toll and cause a strain on relationships, but not for this couple.

Now, this is true love! Standing up for the entirety of a six-hour flight just so his wife could sleep and stretch out is king behavior. We love to see it! How sweet and selfless is this man? Boys, take note.

Cat baby

Looking at this photo, you would think that this lady was feeding her toddler. But nope, that’s not her child. It’s her cat! It’s sitting in its own seat and appears to be watching something on an iPad to keep entertained.

This lady is hand-feeding the cat too! She must really love this cat if she’s treating it like her own child and not a pet. Meanwhile, the cat has no idea what’s going on and can’t even appreciate that she’s being hand-fed on a flight.

Victim of a leaky shrimp bag

Yes, you read that right. This person is the victim of a leaking bag full of shrimp (which we assume was frozen) that the owner placed in the overhead compartment of a plane cabin. Read the full post to fully understand the situation…

Why would someone feel the need to bring a cooler bag full of shrimps on a flight? Will there not be any shrimps available where they’re going? Are these special shrimps that they can’t find anywhere else? Why must they inconvenience other people?

Sewing session

We’ve seen people do their makeup, nails, and tattoos on a flight. Now, get ready to see someone sewing. And we’re not talking about knitting or the ol’ manual needle and thread method either. We’re talking about a full-on sewing machine.

This person literally brought a sewing machine on the flight. We’re not sure how that big ol’ thing made it through security. We’re also not sure how they’re operating it without electricity. But it looks like they’re making themselves a shirt. This is way too bizarre to even comment on!

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