Dislikable Airline Passengers That We Hope To Never Sit Next To On Our Next Flight


By Abigail S

Many of us will agree that traveling is already a stressful affair. We don’t need anyone or anything making an anxiety-inducing experience even worse. But sometimes, we have no control over what happens during our journey. It’s one thing to have a flight delayed, or a train canceled. There are institutions already in place where we can gladly complain and maybe even get a refund. But when a passenger acts out or misbehaves on the journey, there’s really nothing you can do but sit through it. This happens so often that a group called ‘Passenger Shaming’ on Instagram can’t help but share nightmare situations caused by rude passengers. You will find stories from creaming children to somebody putting frozen chicken wings through security. Let’s climb aboard and get into some of these horrific travel tales.

Monkey on board

Flights do allow pets on board in the cabin. They just need to be accounted for. This is for people who may need emotional support animals. So it’s definitely not uncommon, and as long as these animals behave, it’s usually fine.

This monkey is acting out, though. Yes, you are seeing a freaking monkey on a plane! He’s playing around with the overhead lights. Or maybe he’s trying to call a flight attendant to ask for some banana or peanuts. Whoever brought this monkey needs to get it under control.

Eye mask?

The mask mandate requires passengers to wear a mask while onboard their flights. It’s a safety precaution to minimize any virus transmission. But what happens when you need to get some shut-eye when the person closest to the window refuses to shut it?

This guy’s solution is to use his mask as an eye mask. It’s not exactly the best thing to do health-wise, but he doesn’t care. In doing this, he’s risking exposure to sickness. He’s also risking transmitting the virus to other people. He could have just asked for a separate eye mask.

Trashed lavatory

There’s nothing worse than an airplane lavatory. It’s a claustrophobic person’s worst nightmare. There’s virtually no space, your movements are limited, and for some reason, they’re always running out of toilet paper. But we’ve never seen one quite like this.

Our question is, is this a result of just one passenger, or did all this trash accumulate, and no one from the cabin crew bothered to clean it up? It looks like a fight broke out in the lavatory. Maybe this was the aftermath of that monkey we saw before.

DIY hammock

There’s not that much legroom available on airplanes. Even if you’re in the very front row, your legs are bound to cramp up at some point. Some people fix this by walking down the aisles when the seatbelt sign is off. And others do this instead.

In any other circumstance, this would probably be a genius idea. But what’s so dangerous about this is that this person’s legs are now in the way of the emergency exit. This must be a safety risk. The flight attendant won’t be able to access this door if need be.

Killing time

People entertain themselves with different things on particularly long flights to kill time. Some bring a book to read, and others try to get a little work done on their laptop. The in-flight entertainment systems are there to keep people occupied.

This guy has a different idea of in-flight entertainment. Is that a stick and poke tattoo he’s working on? If so, we’re just wondering how he got that through security. This is definitely a creative way to kill time, and it’s impressive what he managed to achieve before the plane touched down.

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